Mandela Patrick

Computer Vision | Machine Learning

I am a Machine Learning Scientist at Piñata Farms, focused on machine learning for video understanding and recommendations. I completed my PhD with Andrea Vedaldi and João Henriques in the VGG group, at the University of Oxford. I was fortunate enough to be funded by a Rhodes Scholarship and AIMS.

Before that, I did my undergrad at Harvard College, where I obtained a B.A with honors in computer science.

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  • Started as Machine Learning Scientist at Piñata Farms!
  • Invited as a speaker at the Share Stories and Lessons Learned (SSLL) ICCV 2021 workshop. See slides here
  • My PhD thesis, "Learning and interpreting deep representations from multi-modal data" is publicly available on the Oxford Research Archive (ORA)!
  • Our work Motionformer accepted as an Oral at NeurIPS 2021! Code
  • Passed my PhD! My examiners were Andrew Zisserman and Andrew Owens.
  • Two papers (GDT and STiCA) accepted to ICCV'21! Code
  • Started at internship at Facebook AI, mentored by Florian Metze, Christoph Feichtenhofer, and Ishan Misra.
  • Our paper on multilingual multimodal video-text pretraining (MMP) got accepted at NAACL 2021! Code
  • Our paper on video-text representation learning (SSB) got accepted as a Spotlight into ICLR 2021!
  • Our paper on Self-Labelling Videos (SeLaVi) got accepted at NeurIPS 2020! Code


I'm interested in computer vision, self-supervised learning and multi-modal learning.

trajectory attention Keeping Your Eye On the Ball: Trajectory Attention in Video Transformers
Mandela Patrick*, Dylan Campbell*, Yuki M. Asano*, Ishan Misra, Florian Metze, Christoph Feichtenhofer, Andrea Vedaldi, João F. Henriques
NeurIPS, 2021   (Oral)
code | slides | poster | bibtex | talk

We present trajectory attention, a drop-in self-attention block for video transformers that implicitly tracks space-time patches along motion paths. We set SOTA results on a number of action recognition datasets: Kinetics-400, Something-Something V2, and Epic-Kitchens.

crops help training speed Space-Time Crop & Attend: Improving Cross-modal Video Representation Learning
Mandela Patrick*, Yuki M. Asano*, Bernie Huang*, Ishan Misra, Florian Metze, João F. Henriques, Andrea Vedaldi
ICCV, 2021  
code | slides | poster | bibtex

We better leverage latent time and space for video representation learning by computing efficient multi-crops in embedding space and using a shallow transformer to model time. This yields SOTA performance and allows for training with longer videos.

hierarchical transformations On Compositions of Transformations in Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning
Mandela Patrick*, Yuki M. Asano*, Polina Kuznetsova, Ruth Fong, João F. Henriques, Geoffrey Zweig, Andrea Vedaldi
ICCV, 2021  
code | slides | poster | bibtex | blog

We give transformations the prominence they deserve by introducing a systematic framework suitable for contrastive learning. SOTA video representation learning by learning (in)variances systematically.

Multilingual multimodal pretraining Multilingual Multimodal Pre-training for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Transfer of Vision-Language Models
Po-Yao Huang*, Mandela Patrick*, Junjie Hu, Graham Neubig, Florian Metze, Alexander Hauptmann
NAACL, 2021  
code | slides | poster | bibtex

We develop a transformer model to learn contextualized multilingual multimodal embedddings and also release a new multilingual instructional video dataset (MultiHowTo100M) for pre-training. We apply this model in a zero-shot setting to retrieve videos with non-English queries, and outperform recent baselines by a large margin in multilingual text-to-video search on VTT and VATEX; as well as in multilingual text-to-image search on Multi30K.

Schematic of our method Support-set bottlenecks for video-text representation learning
Mandela Patrick*, Po-Yao Huang*, Yuki M. Asano*, Florian Metze, Alexander Hauptmann, João F. Henriques, Andrea Vedaldi
ICLR, 2021   (Spotlight)
slides | poster | bibtex | talk

We use a generative objective to improve the instance discrimination limitations of contrastive learning to set new state-of-the-art results in text-to-video retrieval.

clustered videos Labelling unlabelled videos from scratch with multi-modal self-supervision
Yuki M. Asano*, Mandela Patrick*, Christian Rupprecht, Andrea Vedaldi
NeurIPS, 2020
code | slides | poster | bibtex | talk

Unsupervisedly clustering videos via self-supervision. We show clustering videos well does not come for free from good representations. Instead, we learn a multi-modal clustering function that treats the audio and visual-stream as augmentations.

Understanding Deep Networks via Extremal Perturbations and Smooth Masks
Ruth Fong*, Mandela Patrick*, Andrea Vedaldi
ICCV, 2019   (Oral)
code | slides | poster | bibtex | talk

We introduce extremal perturbations, an novel attribution method that highlights "where" a model is "looking." We improve upon Fong and Vedaldi, 2017 by separating out regularization on the size and smoothness of a perturbation mask from the attribution objective of learning a mask that maximally affects a model's output; we also extend our work to intermediate channel representations.

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